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ITS Security will install your gates and barriers to ensure that your domestic or commercial property is as safe as possible.

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At ITS Security, we prioritise customer satisfaction and safety. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and budget, providing personalised recommendations that align with your goals. Our state-of-the-art technology and durable materials ensure long-lasting solutions, fortified against potential threats.

When you choose ITS Security, you're investing in peace of mind. Safeguard your premises with our cutting-edge security gates and fencing installations. Your protection is our priority.

Types Of Gates:

1. Swing Gates: These gates operate by swinging open and closed, much like a door. They are commonly used in residential settings and smaller commercial properties.

2. Sliding Gates: Sliding gates move horizontally along a track and are often used in places with limited space or steep driveways.


At ITS Security, we understand that a secure parking facility is paramount for any organisation. Our cutting-edge parking barriers offer robust access control, preventing unauthorised vehicle entry and ensuring only authorised personnel have access. With advanced technology, our systems provide a seamless and hassle-free parking experience for your employees and visitors.

Types Of Barriers:

Barrier Arms: Also known as boom gates, these are typically found at entrances to parking lots, toll booths, and checkpoints. They pivot to allow or restrict vehicle access.

Turnstiles: Turnstiles are designed for pedestrian control. They allow one person to pass through at a time, making them suitable for areas with high foot traffic.

Bollards: Bollards are short, sturdy posts installed to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas. They are often used around buildings, sidewalks, and public spaces.

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Applications & Benefits

1. Security: Gates and barriers enhance security by preventing unauthorized access, deterring intruders, and protecting valuable assets.

2. Traffic Management: In busy areas, gates and barriers help manage vehicle and pedestrian flow, preventing congestion and improving overall safety.

3. Privacy: Installing gates can provide privacy for homes, offices, and private spaces, keeping unwanted visitors at bay.

4. Aesthetics: Well-designed gates and barriers can add an aesthetically pleasing touch to properties, enhancing their overall appearance.

5. Access Control: Gates and barriers enable controlled access, ensuring only authorized individuals are granted entry.

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